Today’s NO prepares you for tomorrow’s Yes.

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We all have dreams.

If you know your dream… Then you are on the right path. Sometimes our expectations turn to be, look, or feel a bit unattainable. And that, is the main reason why only a few get to accomplish their most inner goals.

This post is mainly based on a quote:

If you have a dream. It is because, at one point of your life, you truly believed it as possible.

Why is it, then, that sometimes we stop chasing our most inner goals? When we start a new project, we always start enthusiastic and during the path we lose ourselves. Either by distraction due to an overwhelming lifestyle, comfort zone, or loss of motivation.

Whenever you start a new project. Ask yourself:

  • Will I be willing to continue even if I don’t see any progress on the way?
  • Will I stay firm on my beliefs even if nobody else follows or understands what I am looking for?
  • Do I really believe I can do it?

You will face many obstacles! Trust me. But what’s the excitement of chasing a dream if no obstacles come? Your mindset is everything. Obstacles will make you learn, learn to be ready for any circumstances.

Life will tell you in multiple opportunities that your dream is ridiculous. But, honestly, only ridiculous people achieve their purpose.

We all have setbacks. It’s a matter of attitude to keep moving forward when the road gets dark.

  1. Learn from your mistakes, but never let them be your excuses.
  2. Always go one step forward.
  3. Improvise!
  4. Do what no one else does.

Yes, NOs might be disencouraging for some. But they are also the reason why the most successful got that far.

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