Most start-ups fail because they don’t follow these 5 essential rules.

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So many people start their projects expecting immediate results. They tend to think that a business is just a matter of getting ideas together and putting them into practice.

Starting a business requires skills.

Most of the skills required for a successful business are acquired from experience. It is actually experience on that trial and error path that prepares you for the real business world.

You should always read about companies that have had success and analyze the possible reasons for their success. With a good analysis, you might be able to get into the major leagues of entrepreneurship.

The list below explains some of most important elements that entrepreneurs miss during their startup. The list goes further than 5 elements, however you can start with these, since they will give you a broader view of what you must consider for success.
Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.
Winston Churchill

Solid vision.

A business without a vision can be compared to a ship without a destination. A vision establishes the real expectations for the company. We must say that the vision is not just a statement to add on a business plan.

Setting it will help the directives to trace the routes that will lead the company to attain its best results. Having this in mind, a down-to-earth vision of the future of a company would be best way to start since it would work as an effective motivator.


Success may be linked to many factors, however, commitment must be on the top 5 of the list. Many may have the knowledge, resources, and several of the endless characteristics linked to success, but those who get far are those who are willing commit themselves to their business even when it is not giving the desired results.


A company where the roles are not clearly defined, may constantly get in trouble. If the employees cannot manage the company without the presence of the owner/manager, the company’s business can be stopped for hours, days, and even for weeks.

Good organizational skills will allow the company to be driven in auto-pilot, letting the directives plan the next smart moves.


It is a psychological fact that people trust what they know. If a company is constantly redesigning its appearance, people will never be able to get familiarized with it.

It is proven that a person will keep drinking the same kind of beverage just because it is a familiar brand. The same rule applies to employees, some people will keep assisting to a restaurant just because the waitress already knows their regular request.


A good reputation is a must for every successful business. If a company is recognized socially and represents a positive lifestyle, followers will start showing up by themselves and its chances of staying alive will be much greater.

Client or final user oriented.

It is always the best when a business offers you more than you expect. When customers are treated better in a store than anywhere else, they will not only keep buying from the business but will also start promoting it (free publicity).

Employee oriented 

A happy employee will create more customer satisfaction, attract more sales, and will increase productivity. Additionally, happy employees will stay within the company, resulting in less training expenditures.

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