How to tie a tie in 5 different and elegant ways.

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Ties create a contrast of colors that can break the ice on that plane black and white suite. They are also one of the few accessories that exclusively designed for men.

One thing is certain. Ties will make a difference in your clothing. Wear them wisely.

Trinity knot

This symbolic knot will definitely catch some attention. You can use it at any casual events. Make sure that your tie catches more attention than your suit by wearing a basic style. Have in mind that this will shorten the length of your tie.

Windsor knot

Also known as the double Windsor, the Windsor knot is the most commonly used.  It is a classical knot that will work for any event. Master it and you’ll never have to worry about who’s going to tie your tie again.

Eldredge knot

A gentleman that knows how to wear a tie is definitely going to stand from the rest. Meet the Eldredge knot.

Bloom knot

Inspired on the plant, the bloom knot will catch some attention. It will definitely not fit in a formal event, but it will give you some style if you know how to combine it.

Merovignian knot, or Ediety knot

The Merovignian knot is symmetrical and stylish. Wear it with confidence.

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