8 Psychology Hacks that will improve your social skills.

How can you tell if someone is into you?

Whenever you are in a group of people, wait until everybody laughs. People are more likely to turn to the ones they feel the closest. This trick has multiple benefits that you can take advantage of. You can even notice when two people are into each other.

Ask for small favors.

Did you know that asking for simple and easy favors can make people to start liking you more? Try it, you got nothing to lose.

Believe everyone is already your friend.

Have you ever felt instant dislike from a person? Ignore it! It must just be in your imagination. Talk to them as if you were sure they love you. It might turn things around and you may make a new friend.

Boost your confidence.

Think of what makes you feel more confident. If you think a nice haircut will make you feel more secure, get that haircut! Anything that will make you feel you look better, will obviously make you feel better and people will notice that confidence. Turn your mind into a more positive and secure mood and people will be attracted to you.

Call them by their name.

Subconsciously, calling someone by their name, creates a comfortable environment. Think of it, strangers don’t know your name. If someone calls you by your name, you’ll drop some of your barriers immediately. People who call you by your name, are normally people who feel comfortable being around you.

Start by offering something people can’t deny.

If you start your offering with the most expensive item, they will refuse to buy it. But if you start with something at a very good and reasonable price, you can work your way up to sell something higher. Stores constantly do it in your face, they show you a small item and you always end up paying for the expensive one.

Nod your head!

This is my favorite trick. Constantly nod your head during a conversation. It makes people react positively to any comments you give them!


Smile. Smile the instant at which you cross eyes with anyone. Make sure your smile is as natural as possible. People instinctively smile when looking into their real friends. You will notice that, in future greetings, they will have a smile on their faces when starting conversations with you.

Keep your employees happy and they won’t go.

Your employees are leaving! There’s something that you can do about it.

It’s better to keep an employee than to train a new one. If you are experiencing high job rotation, the quality of work done will never increase. Your employees set the foundation for a profitable company and you can’t leave them aside.

Set Reasonable Goals & Deadlines. 

Set reasonable goals among your employees. An unrealistic goal or deadline may become counterproductive. An employee given a realistic goal will most likely get higher stats than an employee who is given unreasonable goals. The fact that something seems unobtainable will cause most of the employees to settle with less. Additionally, you can raise the goal gradually, this way, you will be able to define the full potential of your workers. Be aware that raising the goal abruptly, will immediately demotivate employees, increasing stress, and reducing productivity. Remember that quantity is not always directly related to quality.
Many of the employees who have quitted their jobs, would’ve probably stayed if they would have received at least some sort of recognition. It is of great importance to catch your employees when they are doing something that is worth acknowledging. Your workers will feel more motivated if you acknowledge their job occasionally and they will attempt to repeat and even improve their actions.
Let them know about the company’s current situation. They notice that you are considering them and they will feel part of the movement. Consecuently, they will push themselves voluntarily.
Avoid making fun of your employees, especially if someone is watching. Nobody wants to be mistreated, not even for a high wage. Not all of your employees will have the same mindset and sometimes you cannot tell what they may feel about your comments (some of them will never tell you). Instead, make sure to greet them every morning and let them feel that you are aware of them, talking to your employees by their names would be a great start.
Listen and Comply to their Requests.
It is unpleasant and embarrassing for the employees having to repeatedly request something. An employee will doubt of the employers capabilities if they cannot accomplish a simple and common task on time. It’s great to see when the employer is the one who reminds the employee of the request made.
When you are about to coach your employee, it is recommended to set the expectections before the coaching session. Make sure to provide positive feedback and to let them know their opportunities in a nice way. Let them know the reasons for certain procedures so they can understand them fully and agree with you.
One of the best ways to motivate employees without being on top of them is organizing contests. Your workers will compete among themselves and increase production in a fun and positive way.