Beauty is all just a matter of perspective to people.

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Beauty is all just a matter of perspective to people.

Did you know? 

Everyone has their own opinion of what constitutes good looks or beauty and the difference in opinion varies from one society or culture to another. When talking about definitions of beauty, some believe it is about someone or something’s appearance but there are non-physical elements of people that are more beautiful than appearance. As cliché as it might seem to say that beauty is skin deep and that one only decides what their definition of beauty is, it is quite true.

It may sound crazy, but.. 

Beauty has more to it than people may think. Someone could be drop-dead gorgeous or have a lovely smile and not realize that they could not be considered attractive in some parts of the world.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.. 

There is a common phrase stating that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and it is a representation of the fact that people’s perception of beauty could be reinforced by elements of human culture and human nature. Some people find others in the world more attractive on account of their cultural environment or their upbringing.

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There are different definitions of beauty worldwide with different cultures having various features that they consider more attractive.

Here’s how different countries perceive beauty.

The Arab world

Arabian standards of beauty have captured the world with their naturally gifted and eye-catching physical features. Natural products are highly coveted among Arab women with argan oil at the top of the list due to its glowing anti-ageing effects on the skin. This is because good skin and good hair are considered beautiful in Arab women.

As you may know…

Some Arabian countries like Saudi Arabia have very conservative dress codes and only the women’s eyes are revealed, so the women focus on making their eyes more attractive. Arab women spend a lot on expensive makeup brands, as they believe in maintaining good skin for a long time. Black kohl is used on the eyes to make them appear more exotic and enticing.

But England has a different idea…


Fake tans and flawless skin have gained recent popularity in the UK. Even though makeup does not offer a flawless skin for some people, some skin products offer flawless effects to the skin making them more preferable. A slim, well-toned, and tall silhouette was also among favorable features defining attractiveness in the UK but Americanized media is more recently propagating the increasing appeal of big breasts and butts.

Amazing,  but wait until you read about the United States. 


Given the diversity of cultures, races, and ethnicities in America, one cannot simply pinpoint a single attribute defining beauty. This is where the media comes in due to their representation of women and the beauty trends they present to the world. More media personalities and celebrities are going under the knife in search of the perfect appearance. Plastic surgery trends like big butts, breasts, and lips have become popularized.

What about India?


Indian beauty traits are undeniably genetic. They consider soft, long, gorgeous locks attractive and they maintain their hair using herbal hair oils and the likes. Fairer skin is also considered more attractive in India hence the prominent sale and use of a variety of fairness creams.

Did you know that..

Facial symmetry

This has also played a significant role in defining standards of beauty to some people. Attractive faces were found by researchers to be average and symmetrical. There is usually a slight difference in the symmetry of people’s faces and an average face is defined by factors like facial features and their arrangement.

It is incredible how.. 

Media is affecting the way we perceive beauty. 

Not only is media affecting what we perceive as average, but as humans, it affects how we value ourselves. We consider average as beautiful, therefore the high standards set by magazines or movies constantly make us feel we are not meeting the standards of beauty. For this reason we fall into unnatural methods for beauty enhancement such as surgery, expensive makeup, hair coloring, etc.

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