Blood test for cancer. What you should know.

A variety of tests are necessary for an accurate cancer diagnosis.

Cancer blood tests may help your doctor collect relevant data about how your body is acting or if any organs have been affected.

A blood cancer test cannot fully determine if a patient has cancer unless the patient has blood cancer. However, your doctor may request a blood test to find tumour or cancer cells circulating through the bloodstream. Cancer tumors may commonly produce specific proteins or tumor cells may be released into the bloodstream.

Your doctor may want to keep track of these cancer markers since they aid as an indicator of cancer growth. It will let them know if the disease has propagated into other body parts. It will also let them know how well is your body responding to the treatment.

There are several markers that your doctor will search, depending on the type of cancer.

Some markers that your doctor may look for include CA 15.3 (breast and ovarian cancers), TRU-QUANT / CA 27.29 (breast cancer), CA125: (breast or ovarian cancer), CEA (colon, lung, and liver cancers), Circulating tumor cells (may monitor cancer mitigation).

Some noncancerous conditions may also trigger high elevations of cancer markers, therefore blood tests can not be utilized to fully determine a cancer situation (most of times).

Blood cancer tests have not yet been identified to work on their own or a 100% accurate has not been created and approved. Commonly more than one test is needed to confirm a diagnosis. And their usage is only at the doctor’s discretion.

Through Fast DNA-sequencing machines, some doctors are now starting to consider liquid biopsies as an effective technique to detect cancer. It is also helping them identify the tumors faster with this non-invasive method.
It may be used to help identify tumors at early stages and also track treatment results.

10 Foods That Are Amazingly Good For Your Brain.

1. Blueberries

  • Blueberries stimulate the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain.
  • Blueberries can help you hold good performance for longer periods of time.
  • The antioxidants in blueberries have a tendency to accumulate in brain. This helps the neurons to mantain a proper performance during aging(1)


15 Powerful Tips To Reach Your Objectives.

If you want to fulfill your dreams, you must empower your mindset. You need to fill yourself with motivating thoughts, but also discipline your mind into really believing them. Take a few minutes each day to think about your goals and how you should accomplish them.

1. Find your passions and work on them. You will always be motivated.

When your passion is what’s moving you, you will not have lose your motivation when you fall. Stop learning skills you don’t love, and start working on what you know you will be good at, then excel at it.

2. Have a dream? Build on it, no one else will do it for you.

Don’t wait for opportunities to come, have your eyes wide-open, they are already there. You know the method, it’s fear what stops you from moving forward.

3. No matter how small is your effort, it will always have a reward.

Every time you work at something, you will notice that even if you quit, you will keep gaining from it.

4. Sell the problem you solve, not the product.

Nobody buys a product they believe they don’t need. Create the need, the product will sell on its own if it fills the need.

5. Push yourself when you are not motivated.

Put passion into your goal, only rest when really needed. Resting is good, but you must never forget your objectives.

6. A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Create plans, keep track of your advance. Don’t ever waste your time.

7. Work until your idols become your equals.

It’s possible, but you must believe it. You must know that you can do it. Tell it to your self. The only thing you need is to find the way.

8. Skills are cheap, passion is priceless.

Skills come along when you are passionate. When you are moved by passion, you’ll know which skills to master and which are not relevant. When you hire people or you select coworkers, go for their passion and not for their skills. Even if not skilled, they will work their way through.

9. Be somebody nobody thought you could be.

It’s the goal of any entrepreneur. But before impressing anyone else, look to impressing yourself. Love yourself and you will be the one pushing you forward.

10. There is a way to do it better, find it. (Thomas Edison)

Even when history says otherwise, there is always a way to improve. Don’t ever settle for the now.

11. Never downgrade your dream to fit reality.

Dreams aren’t just there to be unobtainable. If you really want something, get it. It is hard, but it is worth it.

12. Ambition is the first step to success, second is action.

Ambition is not bad when it’s in the right perspective. You can be ambitious on good things. Be ambitious on your projects, always thrive to make them as perfect as possible. It will discipline you.

13. Be loyal to your future, not to your past.

Don’t settle for what you have obtained. Don’t complain of your losses. Focus on what you want to be and not on what you have been.

14. Make a paycheck out of your passion.

Don’t just go for skills that return high paychecks. Your paycheck will be linked to the effort you put on your work. If you’re not noticing it, you might rethink what kind of effort you are putting into your work.

15. Don’t wait for the opportunity, create it.

Every dream will seem impossible at the beginning, but that will make it more rewarding when you obtain it.

10 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Time.

If you ask a any successful person about the most valuable thing, the answer would involve time to do something they want. It is a pleasure to provide you with a list of 10 useful tips that will boost your time so you can make the most out of it. These tips can be adapted for regular activities as well as for business activities.

Warning: Your productivity may be increased by following the tips provided below.
1. Set a time every day to follow your personal projects. If you don’t, someone else will do it first.
2. Prioritize. Define your urgent activities (those that require your immediate attention) and your important ones (these are associated with your long term goals). Categorize them starting with the most important and urgent.
3. Learn to delegate. It will allow you to focus on your most important tasks.

4. Learn to say no. Don’t be rude, but learn to identify when it would be the most appropriate response.

5. Put hands into your projects as soon as you think of them.

6. Your phone is not designed for social media only, learn to use it as a productivity booster.

7. Always have a backup plan.

8. Don’t waste time in activities that do not make you more productive or that you do not enjoy, unless it’s a request from someone important to you.

9. Plan in advance. If you are in a relationship and about to go in a date, select two different places, and have a backup plan. It will save you lots of time.

10. Pay attention to everything, you will avoid double working and it may save you from asking unnecessary questions.

Bonus tip: Constantly save your important documents, even when unfinished, and always have a backup of your most important information.

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Today’s NO prepares you for tomorrow’s Yes.

We all have dreams.

If you know your dream… Then you are on the right path. Sometimes our expectations turn to be, look, or feel a bit unattainable. And that, is the main reason why only a few get to accomplish their most inner goals.

This post is mainly based on a quote:

If you have a dream. It is because, at one point of your life, you truly believed it as possible.

Why is it, then, that sometimes we stop chasing our most inner goals? When we start a new project, we always start enthusiastic and during the path we lose ourselves. Either by distraction due to an overwhelming lifestyle, comfort zone, or loss of motivation.

Whenever you start a new project. Ask yourself:

  • Will I be willing to continue even if I don’t see any progress on the way?
  • Will I stay firm on my beliefs even if nobody else follows or understands what I am looking for?
  • Do I really believe I can do it?

You will face many obstacles! Trust me. But what’s the excitement of chasing a dream if no obstacles come? Your mindset is everything. Obstacles will make you learn, learn to be ready for any circumstances.

Life will tell you in multiple opportunities that your dream is ridiculous. But, honestly, only ridiculous people achieve their purpose.

We all have setbacks. It’s a matter of attitude to keep moving forward when the road gets dark.

  1. Learn from your mistakes, but never let them be your excuses.
  2. Always go one step forward.
  3. Improvise!
  4. Do what no one else does.

Yes, NOs might be disencouraging for some. But they are also the reason why the most successful got that far.

I hope that you have enjoyed this read. Your comments will be appreciated, or at least a thumbs up would be nice.

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8 Amazing Benefits of Coconut For Health And Beauty

You might have heard of some properties of coconut oil. Some people talk about how great it is for skin and hair. But among its benefits, there are some other uses that you must know about!

1. Perfect natural hair moisturizer and protector.

You will not need to worry about dandruff anymore! If you thought dandruff could only be fought with medication, you will be surprised to know that coconut oil will not only fight it, but it will also nourish, moisturize and protect your hair.

2. Coconut oil is Alzheimer’s enemy.

Liver creates ketones by digesting MCFA’s. This is translated into instant energy, which your brain will utilize. Your body will have a supply of energy which will benefit your brain without the need of insulin to process glucose.

Since an Alzheimer’s patient has basically lost the ability to create it’s own insulin, coconut oil would actually create an excellent energy alternative.

  • Sources: (1) (2)

3. It boosts your immune system.

Lauric acid in coconut oil strengthens your immune system. Lauric acid has antifungal and antibacterial properties.

4. Source of instant energy.

Coconut oil is extremely easy to digest and MCFA’s, go directly to your liver. This results in instant energy. Actually many professional athletes utilize coconut oil as one of their main sources of energy for competition.

5. No more Candida and Yeast Infections

The journal of Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy has posted an article that shows that they found that the capric acid and lauric acid in coconut oil were a natural and effective way to treat candida albicans and yeast infections. Just imagine the benefits of including it in your regular diet.

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6. Skin moisturizer & anti aging.

Many people have tried and fallen in love with the skin moisturizing properties of coconut oil. Some people even decided to never remove it from their life.

A moisturized skin will look younger for a longer time.

7. Cognitive Boost.

Studies have proven that MCTs in coconut oil boost your brain function due to the energy that they make instantly available for the brain.

8. You can cook with it! 

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