13 Amazing Uses and Benefits of Tea Tree Oil.

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13 Amazing Uses and Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is gotten from the leaves of a small tree called Melaleuca Alternifolia which is local to New South Wales and Queensland in Australia. Even though Melaleuca Alternifolia is popularly called ‘tea tree’, it should not be mistaken for plant that makes leaves used in green, black and oolong tea. Native Australians have used this as a cough and skin medication for hundreds of years and today, tea tree oil is available in 100% pure and diluted forms everywhere. Terpinen-4-ol is one of the compounds the oil contains. Terpinen-4-ol has been known to kill virus, bacteria, fungi and increase white blood cell activity to fight outside attackers.


Uses of tea tree oil


Some uses of tea tree oil include to:

  1. Repel insects like mosquitoes and flies
  2. Serve as an antiseptic for minor scrapes and cuts
  3. Serve as an organic hand sanitizer.
  4. Control underarm odor and perspiration as an organic deodorant.
  5. Fight and reduce severe acne.
  6. Boost the healing of wounds.
  7. Fight bad breath and tooth decay causing germs as an organic mouthwash
  8. Eradicate nail fungus.
  9. Clean and sanitizes surfaces.
  10. Control hair dandruff.
  11. Lessen skin inflammation.
  12. Soothe psoriasis with its anti-inflammatory properties.
  13. Treat and relieve the symptoms of athlete’s foot.

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Benefits of tea tree oil. 

Here are some benefits of tea tree oil:

  1. Tea tree oil is cicatrizant, which means it can shield wounds from infections, facilitates faster healing and also removes or reduces scars left from acne, pox, eruptions and boils.
  2. It is effective in curing threatening tropical bacterial infections.
  3. The antiviral properties of tea tree oil helps to rupture the cyst of stubborn viruses and protects against them too.
  4. Tea tree oil can deter or kill some microbes that cause malaria and fevers.
  5. Bacteria and fungi can fester on open wounds to cause more complex problems and tea tree oil can act an antiseptic to protect against that.
  6. It has balsamic effects that boost general health by protecting the body from disease and promoting nutrient absorption.
  7. When inhaled while sleeping or rubbed on the chest, tea tree oil gives relief from cold, congestion, bronchitis and cough.
  8. Tea tree oil deters and kills insects like flies, mosquitoes, lice and fleas.
  9. Tea tree oil is a sudorific oil that increases sweating to promote toxin removal.
  10. It acts as a stimulant on the immune system, blood circulation and hormone secretions.
  11. It discourages the growth of fungus and cures skin diseases caused by fungus.
  12. Tea tree oil is quite effective in increasing hygiene especially in hot places. It is used in a lot of deodorants.
  13. Tea tree oil I safe to use in the ear to reduce pains from infections caused by bacteria.

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Side effects of tea tree oil. 

In most cases, there are no side effects of tea tree oil as it is considered safe.

Notwithstanding, people with sensitive skin might react to the oil. To avoid triggering side effects of tea tree oil, keep away from the inner nose, eyes, contact lenses and sensitive parts of the skin. If you apply too much, tea tree oil has a light cooling sensation which can cause the skin to feel like it is burning a little. When tea tree oil is used in a higher concentration that 5% or 10%, it can cause harm to the skin, otherwise, it is safe. Make sure to conduct a small skin test on an area of your body before applying tea tree oil everywhere.

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